Selling Your Home

When it comes to choosing the right agent to sell your property too often people are naive, choosing the agent who gives them the highest valuation or the agent who offers the lowest commission. This often comes back to haunt them three months down the track when no progress has been made on selling their home.


Ellen works alongside you, providing you with unmatched customer service to maximise your home’s potential.
Here are 5 important reasons why hundreds of clients have chosen Ellen Ming to sell their home over the last 10 years…

1. Excellence among her peers – Ellen has placed in the top 2% of Ray White’s entire international sales force for 10 consecutive years. What this means for you is you get all of her experience and industry insight to help sell your property at the very top dollar in the shortest time possible.

2. Complete focus and dedication – While listing with other companies and agents might get you access to their ‘teams and support people’, listing with Ellen Ming gets you her complete focus and dedication. This will give you complete confidence and peace of mind that things are being done promptly and accurately with your property.

3. Local area knowledge – When listing with Ellen Ming you’re tapping into over 25 years worth of knowledge, experience, contacts and relationships in the Eastern Beaches area. This is the type of experience that gives you a distinct advantage over your competition when it comes to selling your home.

4. Outstanding customer service – Ask any past client of Ellen Ming about their experience working with her and you’ll commonly hear things like “professional yet down to earth”, “courteous and obliging”, “energetic” and a “trustworthy agent with the ability to maximise every last dollar for her owners”. Ellen’s commitment to her vendors is to “strive for the very best price through exceptional marketing and negotiating skills”.

5. Effective marketing strategy – I’m sure you’ve heard about (or seen on television) an auction where competitive bidding ended in a sale price tens of thousands of dollars above the reserve price. You might think the seller just got lucky – that the price was achieved simply because that property was highly sought after or the market was extremely buoyant.


Instead, this is normally the culmination of hard work by a skilful agent responding to all buyer enquiries to ensure that every potential buyer was followed up and given the opportunity to get excited about the property. The agent has formulated a good auction strategy and briefed and expert auctioneer who is experienced in getting top prices from bidders. A good agent has credibility and a solid reputation in the community, they can put together an effective auction strategy and conduct a successful auction.

However, if you’re going down the other path and selling by private treaty, then you’re hiring the agent for their negotiation skills. A top agent can gain an extra 10 to 15 percent in the negotiation phase alone.

Over the last 10 years, Ellen Ming has sold hundreds of homes using both strategies, she is skilled and experienced in putting together the right marketing strategy for her clients and then implementing it with perfect execution.

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